Prado Utility Mist

Prado Utility Mist


An uplifting blend to clear your mind & stimulate the senses. Incorporate into your morning routine or use as a midday pick-me-up.

(Myrrh + Organic Lemongrass + Organic Peppermint)

Our utility mist is perfect for deodorizing helmets, boots, blankets & more… Yet, gentle enough to be used as an after-shave facial toner or purifying body mist. Each mist is a combination of distilled water, organic witch hazel extract & organic essential oils. Once blended, we then infuse our mists with botanicals for exrta good juju. Mists are packaged in 2 oz glass bottles (color may vary depending on availability) with a mister spray top.

*Handcrafted with LOVE & GOOD VIBES


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Disclaimer: Please always test a small patch before applying essential oils on your skin. The properties of the oils are not guaranteed and we are not responsible for any reaction.