The Right to Life-A Critical Ethics 生命的權益Published by Taiwan Animal Equality Association (TAEA)

On Vivisection 關於動物實驗以及生命價值的探索. Published by Life Conservationist Association (LCA) 關懷生命協會 

Arguments for the Emancipation of Animal Slavery 動物解放運動的思想背景. Published by LCA                 


       Montaigne                                   Shelley                              J.M. Coetzee                         Marc Bekoff

On Carnism 彼有何辜 受此荼毒. Published by TAEA

Animal Slavery in Circus 馬戲團動物的奴隸生涯. Published by TAEA

Crustacean Sentience 科學証明甲殼類動物亦具有意識感知能力.

Published by 台灣動物平權會 (TAEA)


On Franken Fish,從科學怪魚來談人類進化的意義.  Published by 台灣動物之聲

Our Next of Kin-Chimps and Dogs 關懷大靈長與狗. Published by People's Daily

How Do You Say "Don't Kill My Baby!"? 母親的哀求. 本文轉載自中醫藥保健資訊網, 英文原著者是 Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary:'tKillMyBaby

Legal Personhood-According to Professor Gary L. Francione 法律應賦予動物人格性地位. Published by AVOT

Photo from the Guardian 2007 (

Student's Alternative Policy 取代動物活體解剖課程的政策.  Published by AVOT

About Animals in Zoos. 欄中的凋零. Published by People's Daily

Interview with Professor Peter Singer. Published by AVOT 彼得辛格教授訪問記.

Laughters in the Sunset 黃昏里的笑聲 Published by Taiwan Times.         

The Story of Saint Bernard 聖犬伯納的故事Published by Taiwan Times 

A Visit to A Wildlife Rescue Center 珍重再見. Published by Taiwan Times

Professor Steven Wise and the Animal LawPublished by AVOT

An Interview 訪問房曼琪. Published by 新觀念

United Poultry Concern-Thanksgiving with two honored guests, a turkey and duck.

Long Ago, They Were Wolves  讓我們還原為狼.  p-1   Published by 新觀念